Christmas Song " Under the Same Sky" for Radio Program, J-WAVE Holiday Special, Ajinomoto 6pm Presents "Best wishes on Christmas". (full size 0:50)

Lyric by Toshiaki Otsuka

Composed & Arranged by Shingo Katano

Naoko Abe : Vocal

Shingo Katano: Vocal, Bass, Sound Programming

Toshiaki Otsuka : Vocal, Producer

©2003 Shingo Music

Jingle for Radio Commercial "Kitchen Percussionist, How to cook Tatsuta-age" for Ajinomoto Co.Ltd. (full size 2:00)

Composed & Arranged by Shingo Katano

Kiyohiko Semba : Lines and Percussion

Shingo Katano: Bass

©2000 Shingo Music


*All rights reserved. Unauthorized broadcasting and copying prohibited.